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Reseller Green - Small

₺15 / Aylık

Reseller Blue - Large

₺25 / Aylık
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Reseller Red - MIU

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Reseller Black - PRO X

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Reseller Linux Hosting

With our Reseller hosting packages, you can host multiple websites in one hosting area. Usually, reseller packages are used by web developers or entrepreneurs. You can sell hosting with our reseller packages and cut website installation costs in half.

Each hosting account is given a different IP in Reseller packages. For example, nettacompany.com and nettacompany.net hosting is provided on a different server, so there is no load on a single server.

LiteSpeed ​​Support

Litespeed Cache Plugin Can Be Used. It is a special plugin that can be used by Litespeed infrastructure. It can be used in wordpress sites. It is isolated with CloudLinux. Each hosting account is unique and not linked with other accounts.

SSL can be installed free of charge from cPanel. With our special and completely free plugin on cPanel, you can install ssl including subdomain, no special ip is required.

cPanel Support

CPanel is installed automatically in our Reseller (reseller) hosting packages. The WHM panel is integrated into the customer panel and you can manage the hosting that you provide to your customers, and you can specify specific name server (ns) addresses for your company.


You can setup with a single click

Reseller Hosting means reseller hosting. These packages allow you to sell hosting without any infrastructure. All necessary infrastructure is provided by NettaCompany and you can make the sales yourself.

In this service, which is generally used by Web Masters, you can host all your customers on the same server by buying reseller hosting instead of hosting each website separately. In this way, you can sell websites with less cost.

Includes standard user support, any problems that may arise are resolved quickly.

No, we do not offer a free trial.
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